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In Your Light
Annalie Grainger

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books
ISBN: 9781471122941
Published: 20180222
Price: £7.99

From the author of Captive comes a tense, gripping story of secrets, sisterhood and running away Are you still a sister, if one of you is missing? Sixteen-year-old Lil's heart was broken when her sister Mella disappeared. There's been no trace or sighting of her since she vanished, so when Lil sees a girl lying in the road near her house she thinks for a heart-stopping moment that it's Mella. The girl is injured and disorientated and Lil has no choice but to take her home. But something's not right... The girl claims she's from a peaceful community called The Sisterhood of the Light, but why then does she have strange marks down her arms, and what - or who - is she running from... Could she hold the key to Mella's disappearance? And what happens if the Sisterhood is unwilling to let its daughters go... Praise for Captive: 'Taut kidnap thriller with shades of Sophie McKenzie and Noughts and Crosses' Juno Dawson 'A moving exploration of identity, celebrity, loyalty and power' Booktrust 'I raced through Captive. A cracking thriller that will delight the many fans of Sophie McKenzie' Phil Earle 'Incredible voice, really tense and exciting, and mysterious. It's brilliant' Anthony McGowan


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