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Pig heart boy,
maaria, 10.

This book is about:
a boy called cameron he is 13 and has a weak heart he is offered to have a heart transplant but by a PIG!!

I liked the whole of this book. The storyline is just so powerful. It really leaves you in suspense. Like Marlon betrayed him!! To be honset the ending was like a cliffhanger because you don't know what will happen when alex is born but i think malorie blackman did that for a reason. I really want to read another book of hers.


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Anya K-M, 11
I liked this book because it is quite emotional and you keep wondering what is going to happen next.

I would rate this 5/5 stars because it is interesting and wants to make you read more. I would recommend this book to 11-15 year olds since it would not be suitable for ages under 10 because it is about heart transplant.
Wesley, 12
It has an amazing plot and can be humerous, dark, scary and very much true to real life.
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