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The Declaration,
Eileen C, 14.

This book is about:
Set in the future, Anna is a surplus - an outcast - but maybe being a surplus isn't a bad thing...

It is a well written book that is difficult to understand at the start but explains things as it goes along. For anyone aged 12 or above!

The year is 2140. Medicine is after advancing and now people can stay young forever but the price they must pay for this: No child can be born without a parent giving up their eternal life. Anna is a Surplus: A child who was illegally born meaning that her parents never gave up their eternal youth. Surpluses are now used as slaves or servants. Anna is a good surplus; she never defies orders and she does her work well. But when Peter arrives, he tells her things about the outside world that she never knew and she learns that maybe just because she was born isn't a bad thing; maybe being a surplus isn't all life has to offer her.

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