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The Brilliant World of Tom Gates,
Bailey, 11.

This book is about:
A boy's school and home life.

I recommend this book because its very funny and will suck you in.

Its about a boy's school life and home life, telling us his friends and the people he dislikes. Also he tells us about his Mum and Dad and his sister. he tells us how moody his sister is and how much he likes to wind her up.(his mum and dad are nice and good parents). He also has a friend called Derek and the kid he does not like is Marcus.

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Natalie J. Plimmer, 9
Hot on the heels of The Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants, Tom Gates appears with his very funny, silly, and entertaining series of books. This is the first in the trilogy and is a highly enjoyable account of a young (about 9) boy's life; his family, friends, interests, and school.

I found it to be satisfying to read and have no doubt that a reluctant or struggling reader will find it incredibly rewarding to discover that they have read tens of pages very quickly whilst getting a lot of pleasure from the story. This is because, as with Geronimo Stilton and the like, Pichon includes many illustrations, letters, lists, and use of different fonts to move the story along.

It is also laugh-out-loud funny, which is something you can't say about many books. The characters are brilliantly depicted and so familiar. Tom, with his imaginative excuses for forgetting things or being late for school, including his handiwork in creating his parent's letters to his teacher, is a wonderful narrator, and is so endearing that I am sure he will become a popular character. His teacher Mr Fullerman is brilliantly drawn and because the whole story comes from Tom's viewpoint, his reactions in dealing with Tom's lack of focus is especially humorous.

My favourite moment in this volume comes during the class's talks about their summer holidays when one of Tom's friends talks about his new pet snake and brings out of his desk.... Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Natalie Plimmer, librarian
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