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Bubblewrap Boy,
Katie B, 12.

This book is about:

Bubble wrap Boy by Phil Earle has strong morals and I would definitely recommend it. Around the theme of bullying, this humorous , fictional book has strongly affected the way we all look at society today. This book looks at the way society and schools function today . Charlie, a 14 year old school boy, experiences bullying first hand. As he is from another country, he is frequently teased for it and I can relate to the kind of physical bullying that is experienced by thousands of people right now. This book tackles a lot of problems including racism and bullying. I think that it makes people consider their social status in school and the issues tackled within school. This is a relatable subject and with its school setting, young people will have no problem relating to this text. Overall , this narrative includes a range of themes within and can be placed into many genres. from the start of the narrative , I think I related with Charlie as an individual. He experienced situations that I can relate to in person. This text is a strongly opinionated narrative and I am considering reading more of the author (books). The main problem I faced with this book was getting 'into it'. This means that I had to try excessively hard to read this by the deadline however I had read it before anyone else. The personalities seemed somewhat stereotypical and bland. The strong moral outshines the storyline and the characters show strong and unrealistic emotions throughout. I thought this book was engaging , entertaining and somewhat informative as it gives a taste of the influences society has on children nowadays and the emotions felt by this generation at a young age. This in depth book was overall a 4/5 because I think this book conveyed the right morals and gives a message to young adults.


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