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Knife Edge (A Noughts & Crosses Story),
Lucy, 14.

This book is about:

Knife Edge is the second instalment of Malorie Blackman's Noughts & Crosses series (Second of Four). It's like a parallel universe to ours, instead of white coloured people ruling and being racist to black coloured people it is black people ruling and being racist toward white people. It carries on from Noughts & Crosses following Sephy and Jude as they progress through life. Sephy is a Cross (Black) and Jude is a Nought (White), they come from very different backgrounds. Sephy was brought up by her parents, Kamal & Jasmine, her father is the mayor of the town she grew up and he believes that the Crosses are better than the Noughts and that they should never mix. Whereas Jude was bought up believing that the noughts and crosses should live in harmony, however this all changes after his brother (Callum) has a child with Sephy. Callum gets hung and Jude blames Sephy for everything that has gone wrong in his family. But now Jude's life rests on a 'Knife Edge' and goes to Sephy for help. Sephy has Jude's life in her hand, but will she choose help him or ignore him?


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