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Ghosts of Heaven,
Catherine, 12.

This book is about:
The book is about the theme of spirals and how they connect four stories.

I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy stories as there is magic involved in this book.

There are four different stories in the one book set out in different ways. They all are connected by the theme of spirals. I didn't really like this book that much though as it is hard to follow sometimes.

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Amanda Allen, 12
Four very different stories set in extremely varying circumstances but all linked by the spiral. Each story draws you in and is well written, as you would expect from Marcus Sedgewick. 'Whispers in the Dark' is set in primitive times and is written in short block verses. Stark and frightening, it tells the story of a girl taking part in a ritual with her village, when the village is attacked and everyone is killed, she manages to escape into the caves. When what I imagine was a meteor crash smashes into the earth, she is the only one left alive, to die slowly and alone in the cave. 'The Witch in the Water' is set in medieval times which were deeply suspicious and fearful. When Father Escrove arrives in the village, he is determined to rid the villagers of their pagan beliefs and rituals, this puts Anna, the local wise woman's daughter, in danger. Jealousy, lies and betrayal result in Anna's innocent death. 'The Easiest Room in Hell' is set in America in an asylum for the insane. Widowed Doctor James and his daughter arrive for his new job there. Doctor James becomes increasingly uncomfortable with how things are run in the asylum and the treatment of some of the patients, particularly Charles Dexter, a poet who is writing an entire novel in his head, who seems to know things that he has never been told about Doctor James' wife and finally ends his own mental torment in the sea. 'The Song of Destiny' is set in space; the ship carries a cargo of 500 people who are in 'Longsleep', its mission to find habitable planets. Sentinels wake every 12 hours for their shifts. Keir Bowman eventually realises that someone else is awake on the ship with him, this should be impossible, but the pods are being tampered with and people are dying' the story links in with all the previous ones. An amazing book.
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