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To Kill A Mocking Bird,
Neelam, 16.

This book is about:
Black racial equality in Maycomb town, USA

To kill a mocking bird is a fantastic novel filled with emotions such as affection, anger sympathy and hatred.
The themes which are explored in the novel are inequality, love, racism, identity and empathy and they convey many strong meanings which are portrayed in symbolism e.g. one of the character's Tom Robinson is accused of a crime and is misunderstood by the white community because he is from a black community and there were was a lot of racial injustice at that time in 1950's America so he is described as the gentle harmonic mocking bird and is said that it is a sin to kill a mocking bird because they are innocent.

I especially love the way Harper Lee creates these wonderful characters which play an important part like Jem and Scout they are too very young mischievous children which love to go around explore with their curiosities.
Although some of the characters are very terrible.
The language is very humorous and there is one exciting and tension gripping event after the other which makes the novel even more engaging for the readers.
This novel is very well written and touches on many important aspects of the history of the 1940s to 50s America as it was a very bad time for the Black community.
It also highlights symbolism of the mocking bird.

I would differently recommend to any adult as it is a heart warming and heartbreaking tale.


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Claire Hicklebottom, 13
It is an unforgettable story and I could not put it down!
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