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Death Note Black Ed Tp Vol 1,
Wesley, 13.

This book is about:
A Manga (Japanese Cartoon Styled Book/Comic) called death note about a god of death (Shinigami) who drops a notebook with a power to kill anyone at will in any way at anytime as long as you know their name and face.

It's gripping and a very easy read with a cool cartoon style and a very exciting story line with many books in the series

A boy called 'Light' known by the Shinigami as Ryuk and known by the rest of the world as Kira ???? finds a notebook that was dropped by the Shinigami which can cause anyone's death as long as you know the real name and the face of that person; by writing the name, time and cause of death down and then envisioning the face to kill them. He tries to make the world a better place by killing off all Japan's biggest criminals but instead has to hide his identity from the Japanese equivilent of the FBI (and his father who is part of the "FBI" who are trying to arrest him because he has caused the biggest death spree in Japan).

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