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The Butterfly Lion,
Brad Hambleton, 14.

This book is about:
A boy who rescues a White Lion cub and become the best of friends until one day they are seperated.

This book is a lovely adventure for anybody young or old. It takes you from the vast plains of Africa to the battle torn cities of France, when you start reading this book you won't want to put it down. Absolutely stunning!

This book is about a young boy who runs away from a boarding school, when he is running he meets a old women who tells him a story about her husband Bertie who lived in Africa when he was younger, until one day he sees a lonely white lion cub from outside the compound been attacked by hyenas. He rushes out and saves the white lion cub and they immediately become the best of friends. Bertie and the lion lived together for years until he has to move to a boarding school in England and the lion is sold to a French circus. Bertie promises he will come looking for the Lion one day when he is older...

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