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Books set in the past
Books set in the past



Bog Child,
Abigail Ryan, 15.

This book is about:
A boy and his uncle are out on the moors when they find a body, it's then upto the police to seek the truth.

If you like Ireland, books set in the past or mystery in your read, then this is your book. It's mysterious, adventurous and it has a good bit of culture in there. Personally, I found it a difficult book to read, it wasn't really my genre. However, not to say that you shouldn't give it a read.

When Furgus an His uncle Tally go up to the moors, they find a body, but the police cannot decide which side the body is on, the north or south. The police are then left with the mystery of what happened and who the body is...

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Francesca, 14
It's a good book and a quick read
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