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Molly, 12.

This book is about:
A boy who was born and lives in space, who comes to Earth.

The book is well written in a different style (text speak) than one would expect from the blurb, however, it suits Leo's character more and more as the book progresses. The book is nicely paced with a reasonable amount of action in each chapter and the ones without much action do not feel like 'filler' chapters.

The book is 464 pages long and I would recommend it to readers aged 12+ who enjoy story development. They would need to adjust to the writing style.

Satellite by Nick Lake, like many other YA fiction books, has a storyline wrapped around identity; discovering who you are and what you aren't. It follows the struggles of Leo as he attempts to fit into two very different environments - Earth and Space - and his realisation of what home really means.

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Kay Hymas, 12
Nick Lake is a prolific author of YA fiction who is not afraid to tackle a range of different subjects. His books are well-plotted with well developed characgters. Satellite is no different. It is largely told from the point of view of Leo, a 16 year old who was born and lives in space on a satellite station. Leo, alongside his friends Orion and Libra, is preparing to visit Earth for the first time.

It is a classic coming of age tale, with a mystery or conspiracy at the heart of the story. What is the mysterious company Leo refers to? The book is largely written in text speak and as a device, this works well, although I appreciate it could be off-putting for some. It helps create a sense of Leo as a character and helps to identify with his thoughts.

This is a wonderfully imaginative sci-fi book, which is character-lead. I would recommend it for those who like character driven novels or books with a mystery at the heart of the story aged 12+.

464 pages / Ages 12+ / Reviewed by Kay Hymas, school librarian.
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