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The Shamer's Daughter,
Katherine, 13.

This book is about:
A girl inherits her mother's gift but that means no one will look her in the eyes, not when she can make them face.... them selves.

It is a fast pace book with surprises at every corner, you will love the story of a girl who must use her power to save her mother as well as a prince on the run.

Dina is the daughter of a shamer, shamers can see all the bad and evil things a person has done and they can make you feel ashamed.
When dina inhrites her mother's gift no one will look her in the eyes, not even her friends - all are terrified of the shamer's gaze.
Her mother is called away to see if a crime has been commited by a prince. Dina and her little sister and older brother are left alone.
A strange man comes to their house saying their mother needs Dina. But what Dina doesn't know is she is the key to getting her mother to admit she is wrong. Dina is thrown in with a hunted prince, dragons and a evil plot to kill off all heirs to the raven clan so the Drango clan can rule supreme under the rule of Draken.

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