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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,
Mahira, 13.

This book is about:
A boy called Harry Potter and a chamber of secrets

It is really exciting and you will never want to put it down

It is Harry's second year at his school called Hogwarts Wichcraft and Wizardry and he and his friends believe there is a chamber of secrets. His teacher tells him that the chamber was set up by slazar slitherin. Everyone believes that Harry is the heir of Slitherin, when once again the chamber has opened. The last time the chamber had been opened was about 50 years ago. Tom Riddle or otherwise known as Lord Voldermort opened it last. This time is was the memory of Tom Riddle who had opened it. He had tried to suck the soul out of Ginny, his friend's younger sister. At last the battle had started between them and Harry nearly dies, but Dumbledores phonix, fawks, had come to save the day.

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