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The Midnight Zoo,
Alex, 13.

This book is about:
Two boys fleeing warfare take refuge in a zoo.

The Midnight Zoo is one of the best books I have read. I think Sonya Hartnett wrote the book in a really convincing way. When I was reading the book,it was so well told that I could picture what was happening in my head like I was looking at a television screen! Also I could hardly put it down!

I would definitely recommend this book especially to the audience of 11+ because it is quite easy to read and understand and it has some nice pictures!

I would rate this book ***** stars because I think it is a great read!

The story is basically about two small boys that are fleeing through a war ridden countryside when they come across a small town that has been blown to pieces. One of them is carrying a small bundle and the other, a bag full of things to sell to get food to eat.

They come across a fence where they climb through a hole to the other side. They find themselves in a zoo full of poor animals that are hungry and stink of rotten things.

Then some extraordinary things start to happen. Lionesses start to talk and monkeys start to whimper, goats start to laugh and wolves start to shout!

They share their stories and their secrets with each other! I won't tell you much more or I will spoil it for you!!

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