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>> Imagining future worlds

Imagining future worlds

Imagining future worlds

If you like daydreaming about what the world might look like in the future, then you might like to give this competition a try. You could win a family trip to Disneyland Paris!

Explore Learning has launched a competition for those aged four to 14 years, challenging you to write up to 500 words on the theme, The Future.

The competition will close on 5th May.

The first prize is a family trip to Disneyland Paris and £500 worth of books for the winner's school. The prizes will be presented by the guest judge, Steve Backshall.

For this year's theme, 'The Future', the story must be set a thousand years into the future - the year 3017, where a lot of things will have changed.

For example, you will need to think about the new kinds of buildings, what technology has been invented and how people get around - what fancy new kinds of transport are now used?

You can visit the website, below, to find out more about the competition:


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