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>> Jacqueline Wilson Writing Competition

Jacqueline Wilson Writing Competition

Jacqueline Wilson Writing Competition

This year's Jacqueline Wilson Competition is asking children aged 7-12 years to write a letter to an imaginary person who lives far away. Jacqueline Wilson will help to choose the winners.

Children are being asked to write letters because Jacqueline Wilson's new book, Wave Me Goodbye, is about evacuees in World War II. Often, the only way they could communicate with their parents was by letter.

The closing date for the competition is 8 September. You must live in the UK or or the Republic of Ireland to take part.

Your letters must be up to 750 words long and can be written to an imagined relative, or friend, to someone who lives in a different country or even in a different time - the past, the future or on another planet!

Your letters must be fictional and cannot talk about real people.

If you are looking for some top tips for letter writing, WH Smith will distribute a booklet with Jacqueline Wilson's top letter writing advice.

Jacqueline Wilson's editor and Jacqueline Wilson herself will help to judge the competition. While you might be more used to texting than letter-writing, Jacqueline Wilson says, "I think it's important to know how to write a stylish, interesting literate letter.

"It's a way of honing your language skills and truly expressing yourself. Most importantly, letters last! You can keep and treasure them forever. I do hope lots of children are inspired to write a brilliant letter for the competition."

The winning letter will be published in a new book by the author and the winner will also have a chance to meet Jacqueline Wilson and receive £100 worth of books and a year's subscription to children's newspaper First News. A bundle of books will also be sent to their school.

For further details and full terms and conditions, visit:


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