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>> Mortal Engines film on target for 2018 release

Mortal Engines film on target for 2018 release

Mortal Engines film on target for 2018 release

Filming in New Zealand for the Mortal Engines film - based on Philip Reeves's book - has ended and the film is on schedule for its release at the end of next year - 14th December 2014, to be precise.

Blogging about it, author Philip Reeve said, "I was lucky enough to be invited down to Wellington back in May to visit Stone Street Studios, where the production was based...

"London was only just starting to be built when I was there, but I walked around the streets of Airhaven and Batmunkh Gompa, sat in the gondola of the Jenny Haniver, and peeked inside Mr Shrike's house. Most of it looked very much as I'd imagined, except for the bits which looked better."

Mortal Engines, which begins the Mortal Engines quartet, is a fantastically-imagined world where people spend their lives in moving cities, which occasionally eat each other. In the first book we also meet Tom Natsworthy - who is played in the film by actor Robert Sheehan, and the murderous Hester Shaw, played by Hera Hilmar.

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