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>> Finish a story started by Beetle Boy author!

Finish a story started by Beetle Boy author!

Finish a story started by Beetle Boy author!

Can you think of a great way to finish this story started by Beetle Boy author MG Leonard?!

MG Leonard has written the start of this story for the Henrietta Branford Writing Competition:

'The map had led us to an old wall covered with ivy. I reached through the leaves till I was touching the bricks and felt my way sideways. The wall continued three paces then changed from the rough touch of fired sand to the smooth damp texture of rotting wood. We pulled the evergreen curtain aside. Beneath it was a hidden door. I grabbed the heavy iron ring handle that was riveted to the ancient wood and twisted it with both hands, hoping the door would open.'

If you feel inspired to complete the story, you can use up to 1000 words for your story but it must follow on from the starter paragraph, and have a title.

The competition will close on 21 April. You must live in the UK to be able to enter.

Consultant Prue Goodwin, who is judging the competition, says she is looking for stories "that keep the reader wanting to know what is going to happen from beginning to end, are imaginative and unpredictable, and are written with a genuine reader in mind".

The six winners will be invited to the Branford Boase Award celebration party in London in July, where they will meet M. G. Leonard and the authors shortlisted for the 2018 award as well as editors, publishers, agents, and other professionals in this field.

The winners will also receive a copy of each of the books shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award and be able to have their books signed.

You can find full entry details here:

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