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>> Authors fight to save our seas

Authors fight to save our seas

Authors fight to save our seas

50 top UK children's authors and illustrators including Michael Morpurgo Jacqueline Wilson, Chris Riddell and Quentin Blake are behind a new campaign, Authors4Oceans, to save our seas.

They are campaigning to encourage the book industry and young readers to ditch plastic.

They want to bring together booksellers, publishers, literary festivals and young readers to find eco alternatives to the bags, straws, bottles and single use cutlery destroying our seas.

Michael Morpurgo said, "The greatest weakness we have, the greatest mistake we make, is to take the world about us for granted. We use up the earth we live in at our peril. It is a finite source and we have to remember that. Destroy it, and we destroy ourselves. It is that simple."

The author behind the idea of Authors4Oceans is Lauren St John, the Blue Peter Award-winning author of eco-adventures such as Dolphin Song and seaside mystery Kat Wolfe Investigates.

She came up with the idea for the campaign when she ordered a drink in a bookstore and it came with a plastic straw. She said, "There are hundreds of bookshops across the UK, many of which hand out plastic bags, straws and bottles daily. It occurred to me that an alliance of children's authors, particularly those who write about nature and are passionate about the environment, might have a voice together.

If publishers, literary festivals and young readers joined the campaign, there was a chance to make "a real difference", she added.

On the Authors4Oceans website, you can sign a pledge to commit to 16 easy to follow steps to stop the wave of plastic, from ditching single-use plastics such as disposable coffee cups and water bottles to using reusable bags.

Last year, a study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found that over 12.7 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in our oceans every year, the equivalent of a lorry load a minute.

The campaign is also launching a competition for UK schools, Oceans are NOT Rubbish, where children will get creative by designing and building models of endangered sea creatures out of plastic rubbish.

The campaign will also include events such as beach cleans and special Authors4Oceans festival events, beginning with the Hay Festival on May 29th, to raise awareness of plastic pollution and tackle other marine conservation issues, such as the devastation of tuna and shark species.

You can find out more about the campaign and how to enter the competition here:


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