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>> Philip Reeve on creating 'other' worlds

Philip Reeve on creating 'other' worlds

Philip Reeve on creating 'other' worlds

We were thrilled that author Philip Reeve (Railhead, Mortal Engines) joined our ReadingZone Live programme. You can watch the event, where Philip talked about his books and creative writing, here.

Students at the live online event were able to put their questions to Philip Reeve. The event was hosted by The Grey Coat Hospital school in London with several other schools joining by video conference.

Philip talked about the inspiration behind Railhead and how the series developed; creating fantasy worlds; tips for creative writers; and being an author.

His earlier Mortal Engines series is currently being filmed, ready for a December launch, and he also talked about what he has seen of the new film.

You can watch the full event via the link, below.

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