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>> Dan Freedman joins ReadingZone Live

Dan Freedman joins ReadingZone Live

Dan Freedman joins ReadingZone Live

Dan Freedman, author of the bestselling Jamie Johnson books, joined ReadingZone Live to talk about his new book, Unstoppable, to students at Hewens College in Hayes.

Dan Freedman is well known for the sporting links in his book, and in Unstoppable 14-year-old twins Roxy and Kaine are talented young athletes; Kaine is training as a footballer, and Roxy is an upcoming tennis champion.

The story describes how the family's resources can only stretch so far, until they must decide which child to support. The novel also covers themes of gangs and gang violence and is suitable for mature readers of 10+.

During this event at Hewens College, Dan Freedman spoke to students about his background as a journalist for the Football Association, what inspires his stories, why he writes about sports and how decisions as teenagers can shape the rest of our lives.

You can watch the full event here, and download a PDF extract of Unstoppable, using these links:

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